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Whats In a Name?

Gold, by another name would be just as shiny. But why does it have so much value on this planet? It doesn't corrode which is a plus, it doesn't tarnish all that badly keeping it shiny (ooh shiny!) and people have seemed to agree on its being valuable for a long time (ancient Egypt long). But have you ever truly considered how arbitrary consensus of value really is? What a thing right? For example, tulips at one point in human history became an obsession leading to the transfer of some family's entire wealth for just one of the most sought after varieties. This is obviously a far less sustainable obsession as tulips can't quite boast the same shelf life as precious metals. Silver is also resistant to corrosion but it does gain a fine patina of oxidation over time but boy is it ever shiny when polished up. Let us not forget the other precious metals that can hold their own as well. So I guess it may just come down to price and it appears there is an agreement by the masses that silver just a commodity... for now.

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