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A Fine Line

We live in a world that is drowning in manipulation of monetary policy, controlled financial markets and currency creation all serving to maintain and exacerbate the economic imbalance that ensures financial independence is nearly impossible for the average human being. There are far too many well established facts that paint a clear picture of how governments help protect private financial institutions from the very rules that are created to keep them honest. This broke out with some serious force in 2011 during the Occupy Wall Street protests that were the last in recent memory that seemed grassroots albeit conflicted. The question is how do we avoid, becoming the very thing we oppose when justifiable outrage then morphs into cannibalistic, self-serving, apathetic entitlement. The 1% is real and very easy to condemn yet so is the existence of the moral relativism that says its okay to feed off the hard work of those who may have more than others. So much to unpack within the struggle between collectivism and crony capitalism but the truth is any system must balance compassion with consequences lest it fall victim to corruption from either side of the spectrum. We are right back to the same old crossroads faced so many time historically by our ancestors so one thing we should all agree upon is trying to solve these age old problems with the same philosophies that created them will ensure the same result found in the past... collapse.

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