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We're Not in Kansas Anymore...

It sure does feel like the curtain that hides the true nature of our reality is being drawn back for the world to see. But what is so interesting about this time is that each perspective on what is behind that curtain varies greatly. Since tangible reality can in fact be measured by humans as we are capable of distinguishing between opposites, there is no subjectivity to what is actually happening. This can only mean that the great and powerful illusion of Oz is the sorcery of deception. Deception robs a person of their ability to make an informed decision and thus, creates an uneven playing field for the deceiver. So our real enemy is deception and since we have been groomed to trust things for fallacious reasons, our ability to discern suffers greatly making us more easily controlled. Remember to guard your emotions and use the critical thinking tool belt of your five senses, verifiable facts then logic before forming rhetoric. For more information on this classical method of learning they forgot to teach in school, look up the The Trivium. And don't be afraid to pull some curtains back!

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