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Ab Ordo Chao! Who's Order is Coming from this Created Chaos?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

We promise to get back to posting about solutions soon but first really need to make sure that the sobering reality of our problem fully sinks in. So lets be honest, the philosophy of manipulation through secrecy and division is really, really old. There are historical groups of humans that fancy themselves fit for super secret special knowledge. They use mottos like Ab Ordo Chao which translates to Order out of Chaos. Well if you are megalomaniacal enough to create chaos, you are power hungry enough to want to control the order that can be attained out of its ashes. The few only control the many if there are many squabbles among them to distract from the true nature of the power imbalance and forced financial enslavement. We will never agree on all the details, but we should all agree that no one should have absolute power over anyone else or we dance on the razor's edge of corruption absolutely. Division is the greatest tool for domination historically so do not be surprised that it is being used in the present to gain more control than any time in recent memory. Lets immune ourselves from it quick to preserve any hope of a free future.

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