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The BULL is Back!

Not to pop the cork too early, but things are finally starting to move in the silver world. And yes, we are choosing to cover silver first, even though gold is setting record highs. The reason for this odd choice is simply that silver is still 83 oz to 1 oz of gold and that is certainly an improvement but not where it should be. Even the controlled oracle of Google reports a historical average of 47 oz silver to 1 oz gold if things perform as they once did. When considering the other factors, there is much to be excited about with the new silver bull that may be a silver bullet to the devaluation of the US Dollar that is rampantly underway as demonstrated by the recent drop. There is too long a list to keep up with on the "why" of this situation but a great interview with David Morgan recently shed some insightful light on it. Enjoy the rodeo!

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