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Hey Everybody... WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! (see terms and conditions)

Well after a marathon of being on house arrest, folks in some spaces that were closed are now open... kinda. However, terms and conditions now apply i.e. mandatory masks, no touching of anyone or anything (except stuff and money), remain 6 feet apart at all times unless you need to be closer than 6 feet and all the other contradictory and irrational stuff that is being codified as we speak. Now that we are done being grounded (at least anyone that actually followed the grounding rules), its time to consume again! Think of it as black Friday all the time now because we have an economy to stimulate with all that free money flowing like a fountain because that will never dry up! Meanwhile in reality, some of us want to hedge against this new normal so consider the historical stores of value and emerging havens from fiat currency. That's right, this is a shameless self promotion of My Assets Card folks. Get one and fund it with real money so you can conduct essential commerce with sound money. Its essential...

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