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United We Stand Was Never United

United We Stand, Divided We Fall! Well it sure is a powerful motto that many of us find cliche or romantically patriotic. But its a simple truth really and if there is ever a top down power imbalance that seeks to impose its will over a great multitude of others, it must ensure the masses never realize how much strength they have in their numbers. Did you ever think about why there is so much focus on identity be it political, ethnic, religious, etc.? Who does it benefit? Certainly not the masses as quality of life indicators for the middle and lower tiers are on the sharpest decline in a lifetime. So what is the solution? We can all agree that there is mutual benefit to loving your neighbor as you love yourself right? I guess that depends on whether or not people know how to love themselves in a healthy way. One thing is for sure is the chaos that is ensuing right now benefits the institutional power and not people's communities. Its time to simplify fellow humans. Lets all agree we don't want to be abused and will not abuse anyone else. Great now that we agree, can we please do something about the century long corruption of the few that keep ruling the many? Cool thanks.

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